100 musical relationships

Above is a version of the interface which focuses on the 100 closest relationships of shingles from files stored in a database to any starting point of a shingle within a chosen musical track. This provides a statistical overview of the tracks closely related to the query track, their most related sections (clusters of results form in a section of a track), and the number of times the same track is matched (suggesting a closer overall relationship).

The design provides a zoom function to reveal a landscape of 100 horizontally arranged tracks with their musical relationships revealing clusters of vertical links. Each link can be sampled by clicking on the matched shingle, which automatically highlights the shingle in the query track which it is related to. The audio feedback from the paired shingles gives evidence of the audio similarity relationship.

Content courtesy of AWAL - Artists Without a Label.

With thanks to Denzyl Fiegelson, Michael Casey and the OMRAS2 group.

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